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It is not the destination, where you end up, but the mishaps and memories you create along the way – Author unknown

Hi everyone

We would like to share our time out and travels with you through this blog. Our time out involves taking our caravan around Victoria. It is our happy place; where we feel peaceful and free. Our Travels are few but we recently enjoyed our first overseas holiday, an 18 day island hopping Cruise to Hawaii, where we stayed for a week, and we do hope there is more travel in our future. Our caravan takes us on time out breaks, away from schedules, television, chores and people, where we do as little as possible and recharge our bodies and souls. Our travels take us around the country and the globe, seeing the wonderful natural and man made sights and experiencing as much as we can as we pass through each place.

We are a married couple in our late 40’s, living in the south eastern suburbs on Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We have 4 children are now young adults and sometimes accompany us on our adventures. I work as support staff in education and I am currently doing my Bachelor of Primary Teaching degree. My husband, Jamie (aka Tom) is a Sales operations manager.

This site will help you to see where we go and what we do. We hope to recommend places to stay and things to do and along the way perhaps how your trip can be improved by learning from our mistakes.

We began our camping in tents with blow up mattresses in a caravan park. Very quickly we explored bush camping with no facilities, just our own shovel. We now have a very small rather old van with a bed, fridge, sink, small couch and a few cupboards. We started out in a lowered Ford Falcon and now have a Mitsubishi Triton dual cab which we have just put a canopy on – yeah. We don’t travel light but we don’t have many modcons yet either. We enjoy caravan parks and love a powered site with a private en suite and we love to get away to the bush, taking our own portaloo and living off batteries.

In doing this blog we hope to contribute to the wonderful wealth of online information that we have benefited from. We will share our insights about locations, caravan parks, attractions and food, hopefully giving future travelers to the areas some helpful information.

We hope you enjoy our journeys.


Kangaroo Flat

A pass through town in which we found a lovely place to stop. The A-Line Holiday park is the perfect place to rest, unwind and recharge. A perfect ‘time out place’. A beautiful park where you are surrounded by mostly native gardens, home to many birds that play, forage and sing all day. This setting felt like a wonderful amalgamation of the bush camping environment we love with the facilities and electric power we enjoy at other caravan parks. The parks facilities and gardens are well cared for, neat and clean. Cabins are available in a traditional caravan park cabin and a gorgeous A-Frame style. The en-suite sites are available in gravel/slab or thick, lush green grass styles. The pool is well kept and there is a small children’s playground well away from accommodation. Whilst it sits roadside to the Calder Hwy, it is a very quiet park with mostly 40 yrs+ couples camping when we visited.

Will definitely return, keeping in mind that it won’t always suit as our lively Layla is not welcome here (no animals) and camp fires are not allowed.

We came to have down time and didn’t sight-see on this trip. We had takeaway from Pete’s fish shop and Yin Yang Chinese restaurant, both a short drive from the A-Line Holiday park. Both were good but not amazing – see our reviews on Trip Advisor.

The weather in Kanagroo flat is generally a couple of degrees warmer than home in the South East suburbs of Melbourne and for us this weekend ranged from very humid and 30 degrees to 22 degrees and occasional showers.

Hi all, Karen here, I had an opportunity to travel up early in the day whilst Jamie had to work, so we chose somewhere on a train line and Jamie traveled up later by train arriving for a late dinner. Its the first time we have done that and it worked well. Instead of both coming late and setting up in the dark I was able to get the majority set up and start my holiday, in daylight hours and what I couldn’t do didn’t need doing until the next day.

I had a drama with the jockey wheel, the wind up handle snapped off whilst the caravan was still on the car. Hmmm…..problem. But I remembered a box of tools that was under the bed when we bought the van and it had a couple of types of jacks in it so I tried the manual ones, no good, then the gas lift jack, with a missing part that I substituted for a pair of pliers, it worked and I was back in business. I messed around with it all a few times, up down, in out and all in the rain and thunder, but I got the caravan off the ute and then I got it level and got caravan’s leg supports down so all’s well that end’s well. On to setting up the awning, with a faulty lock clip on it, by myself. Did come awfully close to jamming by finger but managed to save it from disaster and wallah…. shelter from the rain, just as the rain stopped of course 🙂 I enjoyed every minute of the challenges I faced. Perhaps that’s why I love camping so much, you never know what you will have to deal with but you do know that in most cases, you will have to find a way to solve it with what you have available to you, at least in the interim – and is turns out, old pliers operates as a lever to push up an old gas lift, and a tool to release said gas lift, just fine.

Hi, Jamie here, this was the first time that we have camped with a canopy of the back of the Ute.  I have a Triton Ute and previously just had an open Ute.  When camping we used to throw everything into the back of the caravan, which meant unloading everything before setting up.  What a pain.  I just bought myself a canopy, which now means that I can put a lot of stuff in the back of car and only take out when and if I need it.  This has made a much more comfortable trip and less clutter under your feet. It also means we can stop on a longer trip, sleep overnight and not have to move things around. Highly recommend the canopy.